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  1. ya you need to watch the hole movie it is prity good
  2. yeah I've seen most of it ^_^ why have you? =O I laughed at the parts I watched xD
  3. hey how you doing today. have you seen tenacious d
  4. lol tell me about it. but we live and learn but look at it in a bright way sometime a slip up terns extreamly funny or for the better
  5. yep yep ^_^ but sometimes I wouldn't mind not being human so I didn't make some of the mistakes I normally make lol
  6. but the slip up is being human i gess we all do. i gess the only difrence is how
  7. about the same i gess besides the every now and again slip up i do
  8. well life is treating me...ok I guess...could be better and it could be is it treating you?
  9. hey if it pays there is nothing wron you know sooo how is life treating you
  10. I clean tables and wash dishes at Frisch's Big Boy's just a job to get me money...not much...but at least it's something
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