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  1. lol on the internet and from pics my grandma has sent me from when she was up there
  2. ya i live in alaska i seen alot of them but where have you seen them arnt the only native to alaska
  3. lol yes I have...and more than once...have you? it was fun seeing them
  4. the 50cal is good grizzly defence ya but a little over kill on a gopher lol have you ever seen a 1000 pound grizz befor
  5. oh I have a 12 gauge, 45 caliber, a 50 caliber (little overkill) and a few others of that nature...
  6. REALY what kind like what ?? i have a 12 gage, 300 s&w and a .22 revalver
  7. lol yeah...well I love shooting them..and I have a wide range of weapons to chose from
  8. ya i have gotten attacked by them thanks to ADD and trying to show someone how brave (or stupid) alaskans are
  9. lol no but I have shot plenty before...which I guess means that I've attacked them why have you?
  10. i have ADD so i switch it up alot but it mikes life fun
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