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  1. Hello! It's cool, I haven't been on at all recently, I missed your message by several months, wow, sorry about that! I am, and how are you?
  2. Ahoy! Sorry, haven't been on in a while. This place has changed a lot! Hope you'r doing well!
  3. Hey! What's up! I haven't talked to you in ages! > . <
    How's things been?
  4. hey !
  5. That's good.
    I guess our summers are opposite, cause mine has been terribly boring excluding Metro-Con yesterday!
  6. ive been well.and really busy over the summer
  7. Hehe.
    Nice to talk again! And no, sadly no RPs of much interest.
    Oh, well! I might have an idea... How have you been?
  8. no rpgs since ive been gone i see.i have a feeling that missunderstood will be on again soon
  9. hey
  10. yeah you haven' one has been online for a long time.
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