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  1. i get an out an hour early on Wednesday.
  2. Oh and every Wednesday is a half-day .
  3. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??????????????????????? :0
  4. My school is by far the best one though, there is only about 40 kids and the teachers are the most laid back individuals ever!
  5. cool.i have all the good teachers!its awesome!
  6. I see, I don't start school for another few days .
  7. ive been in scool so i can come on in the morning if i get up at 7 for spare time and in the afternoon when im done with homework.
  8. Not much, just been kickin back is all. And how about yourself, don't see you on that much.
  9. ohio!!!!! yo! whats up?!
  10. hello!!!!
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