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  1. HEY THEREEEEE. Bud. Oh and where is the spellcheck button on this thing? i know theres one on here i just can't find it
  2. hurry, hurry! if you don't post in the devil may cry soon ill fall asleep... not a very good threat is it? haha. how are you?
  3. hello! rpg ing buddie!
  4. cool.
  5. as in real life 2marrow or in the rpg? if your talking about the rpg then thats what just happend i made their trip for the next day. last minute notice situation.
  6. its not boring but,tomarow needs to come faster!
  7. you ok? if this is boring im not forceing you to stay
  8. *sigh* fine
  9. in my next post hes going on a trip so thats when you'll find him.
  10. so how will i find mister valintine??
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