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  1. lol....or not.heheh.I would go to it without anyone and be all like 'hell yeah!I don't need anyone with me!'type of should do that its fun
  2. I'm doing real good just cannot find anyone down here to go to prom with.
  3. yeah,It has.I'm good.....what about you?
  4. hey long time no talk how you been. Its been a while.
  5. So how are you talk to you later when I get home I'm at school so talk you later.
  6. thats true....
  7. Well hey how you been its been a long time since we've heard from each other.
  8. im good aswell
  9. Well haven't seen or talked to you in a while so how you been I'm doing great.
  10. O ok I just really wanted to know what you said about it is all that I wanted.
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