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  1. not much here.what about you? and that was random
  2. wat is up?of course the sky and clouds.what are clouds?water of course silly lolz.wats up.
  3. yo!
  4. thank you! how are you today?
  5. please get the inuyasha thread approved! onegai! i shall get one or two more people but im soo bored we need the inuyasha2 rpg! TT _ TT
  6. yo! how are you?
  7. grimmjow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps on grimm*come on more!!!! *shakes grimm*
  8. hi grimmjow! good night!
  9. WHAT!!??WAITING??? YOU KIDDING RIGHT???...sorry ... ahem ... your kiding right?....never use a tarp for a slip & slide for 5 hours strait,after its hard walking without being sore...oh well!The pain afterwards is so worth it for all that you like water slides???
  10. lol well i cannot wait for the inFamous rp and im also waiting on more people to join the inuyasha
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