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  1. yo!yo!whats up? never laugh while swinging its the equivalent to almost losing your dinner...haha
  2. drangon fable is fun but it gets a bit confusing at times.
  3. dragonfable yes i liked the dragon fable online and i didn't like the rest i just don't really have the time to play the other games. like dragon fable and mech
    himawari no
  4. have you tried dragon fable? its fun and online the link .... have you ever watched himawari??? its funny!
  5. nm u just looking for some sites i can join that are fun
  6. yo! whats up?
  7. cool ... oh guess what its awesome!!!
  8. yep i do i can't relly remember that much but yea i watch it.
  9. you watch death note?
  10. nm just trying to get more people to join alloy alchemist and inuyashaD
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