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  1. yo! whats up???
  2. over here thunder storms pour rain like crazy and the thunder is horribly loud but other than that its lots fun to slide and run in the puddles after the storm has gonna do that after my brothers go to day care! lots of fun
  3. nope no luck on thunderstorms i would like to and stand outside and feel the cold rain
  4. why thunderstorms???theres a thunderstorm every night it sucks. what about you any storms over there???
  5. ill be on later today and tomarro. i will to i have nothing to do here other than be on the computer ir read
  6. haha... we were just watching that one!remember when blade has that one dude and he hangs him by a cord drops him a foot from hitting the ground pulls the dude up and the phone rings answers it ,lets the guy get to the phone and then drops him and walks away???
  7. oh i gotta get off ill be on alot later not unless you catch me on tommorow.
  8. yea i saw blade i think trinity was alot funnier than being a action type of film since the dogs were vampires too that was funny.
  9. have you seen blade ???
  10. cool!
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