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  1. just messing with YOU!!
  2. just messing with you!!! :P
  3. Now you think strange things of me again.
    Sorry for being concerned. :P
  4. no,no girl there but i now understand why you are sad...hhehehehe
  5. Because I don't make out a thing. >_< But now that you said it, a flower makes sense I guess. :P And what's that pink thing left of the white flower? Did you cut a girl in a half there?
    The shape of it adds an interesting touch to it though.
  6. why??? because its flowery???
  7. Shoot! Well, it was worth a try.
    I had fever yesterday. So I'm sick, although I feel a little better by now.
    By the way, only thing that's creepy is your avatar. :P
  8. no no no!that song is just creepy!!! how are you???
  9. Hey, lil' one.
    Found a song you might like: It kinda reminds me of your favourite song at least.
  10. Not sure if I'll be online then. Since I still have lotsa stuff to do.
    But yeah, later.
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