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  1. haha............................... (...)
  2. I guess I am.
  3. i sowed you cause its funny!!! you really are crazy anrnt you??? *sigh*
  4. There aren't any! You gotta show me something better than this ...
    Which makes me think, why do you show me this in the first place? I think you have some completely distorted picture of me in your head, just wanting to see mini skirts or stuff ... or maybe not.
  5. haha! your funny! look tiny mini skirts!
  6. You gotta be kiddin'! Those legendary ice cream trucks do really exist? I always thought that's just a myth or something. I definitely gotta try some ice cream truck ice cream once in my life ... <:
  7. we have ice cream trucks as we call them oveer here so ill wait till it comes !and no its not made of ice cream!!! although i wish it was!!
  8. That's sad. You should come to Vienna. Ice salon's opened here almost 24/7 and just five minutes away. :P It's a wonder I ain't fat.
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