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  1. Creepy, hu? They're probably just shyyyyy! <:
  2. The one's that aren't dip wads are creepy.and i said most because I didn't wan't to insult some of my friends.......but then again....... -_- have a plant.
  3. I bet they'll be getting better. Most? So, is there already someone!?
  4. ........thats the sad thing though......most guys are either total dip wads or just stupid.....and for the record I said most

    okay i will
  5. Ha. Which school doesn't suck. And don't worry too much about school. In the end, no-one will really care. Learn a bit, and you should be fine.
    Also, as soon as guys start getting really interesting, school'll be more fun as well.

    Right then. Wish her the best of luck.
  6. school sucks..... unless im in orchestra or gym... and im not doing so well in school..... lots of work to fix.... rather six easy pages of math and a 1 page essay for geography.and yes mom is okay with it....shes a model so eventually she'll be up in more places than a few ablums.and thank you
  7. Ah so it's school again.
    Being sick sucks, I hope you're doing better now. Although it had its advantages if there an upcoming test or something.
    Haha, you post pictures of your mum on here? She's okay with that?
    Anyway, seems you'll become quite the pretty girl when you're grown up! <:
  8. school for the last week,but i got sick on the weekend and get dizzy easy so i stayed home...i posted new pic of my mom up one or two from her latest shoots
  9. Meh, I didn't have much holidays. You know, me now workin' an' all. :P
    You still got holidays, or school already? (:
  10. yo! merry christmas eve! happy holidays lapi!!!
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