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  1. So you cheated, hu? You were driving on a car instead of walking! You just ran to jump on the car. Pfff ... :P
    Hehe ... seems you're cat isn't the brightest. xD She tries to eat bugs, runs into walls. Must be a hard job to watch it.
  2. its more like i ran ,then ran my brother in a stroller,then dragged my feet on so i could get to the car so she could drive us home! i just saw my cat run really fast around the apt and all most run into a wall!
  3. Hehe, sounds like the walk was pretty exhausting. I can remember that. I also had to go on walks with my parents at the age of 14. It stopped now though. Luckily. xD
    You can't sleep? How's possible that someone cannot sleep? Seriously, that's one of the last problems I'd have. A little tip: Just don't sleep for some days and you'll fall asleep like your dead. It worked for me.
  4. not quit sure ...i just got back from the walk i started like at 8pm or legs hurt .... i cant fall asleep im not that tired yet....
  5. Aren't you supposed to be strolling around in sunny california? :P
    Ah, so you haven't learned it yet. Does this mean you can choose between spanish and japanese?
  6. im in 5th of course i havent learned it yet!1/2 mexican 1/2 white....
  7. Ah, okay. So you're kinda half or quarter mexican. Still cool. :P
    And about spanish ... Don't you learn it in school already?
  8. ill be back soon im going on a walk with my mom and brothers.....or maybe.....the boys are being babys
  9. no its my grand parents on my dads side!my dad side of the family came from mexico and my is from california!
  10. You're mexican? Cool.
    You want to learn japanese instead of spanish? Well, I know how it sucks to stand against your parents. An option would be: Just learn both!
    And latin is no problem ... This is gonna be the last test I'll ever have in my life. I will never ever need latin again. So I just make that test, and then it's over.
    I should concentrate on english an french more anyway, and I also want to learn japanese as well ...
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