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  1. i thought you ment Australia but i remembered it was a country and that was i knew thank you very much
  2. Ah, btw ... You didn't know 'bout Austria, did ya?
    Here: Austria - Wikipedia
    You can look it up if you want.
  3. You know, as long as it is edible ... Why not. xP
    But no, I was saying that if I was a bug I'd taste great! I'm one of the good tasting bugs, I bet!
  4. thats nasty!eating bugs! XP
  5. Omigosh! How could you?! I bet your cat would've liked that bug. They taste great. (:
  6. lol thats funny my cat tried eating a flying bug before it was funny she was chasing it all around she never ate it though i steped on it purposly before she could
  7. Ah, well now I got interested.
    I just looked the american schoolsystem up in wikipedia ... That's the easiest way for both of us.
    If she's in her senior year, that would mean she's in her 12th grade. That again would mean she plays trumpet for about 5 years, which is a lot. I guess she plays really well!
    (What a difficult inquiry! Me is awsum detective!) ((:
  8. she is in her senior year of high school so about ....... i have no clue whats so ever!.........
  9. So she has been playing since the 7th school grade? In which school grade is she now? I'm still kinda confused ...
    Sorry again! Thanks for being so patient with me ... (:
  10. school grade or years i live in united states! lol its my fault for not being specific..
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