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  1. Then I'll try it sometime maybe. It's not long anyway. And if it's fun ... I don't stand smokers though. :x
    You seem to know lots of different animes, I have to keep up with you. :P
  2. yup!!!! its funny!!!!!!!
  3. I take this as a recommendation then?
  4. thats because it an OVA series only 4 episodes but gun smoker is halarious
  5. Well ... might be funny. The problem is I have never heard or seen even the slightest bit of this anime series. :P So I guess I'm missing the point.
  6. [IMG][/IMG] this is really really funny

  7. same to you old man! jk jk! haha look at this video im going to post
  8. No, look again, they actually seem pretty peaceful and friendly to me ...

    They look edible at the very least. Maybe try one.

    By the way a very warm hello to you too, lil' one!
  10. Pretty much that, yes. Not I have blisters all over my hands, because I was stupid enough and doing this without my gloves.
    Our family owns a house countryside with a big garden with many trees, so there are a few things to do from time to time. Anyway, physical work is nice, so I have no problem helping out.
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