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  1. wood work??? whats that ??? chopping wood or something? O.O
  2. Yeah, you know one can be pretty busy when having holidays. All that woodwork that's to do and all the biking and soccer playing.
  3. eh , i guess you could say that.
  4. Very well observed! Although I'm kinda busy at the moment.
  5. eh its ok! i can still talk to you over ao!
  6. Awesome! But I can't come over to your house playing with you, just so you know. :P
  7. sure ill be your friend too.
  8. Doesn't sound very convincing. If you want you can have just another friend. That makes one more.
  9. eh i guess :/
  10. Definitely! Friends are the most important thing in my life. Try to find as many as possible.
    Every friend goes onto ones nerves sometimes. Ups and downs are normal. As long as there are more ups then downs, everything is fine.
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