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  1. i guess but she she gets on my nerves alot,so do lots of others but other than that shes a good friend.what about you any good friends
  2. Ah, so she's a friend of you after all. But I bet with her, it's not always that boring. It's nice to have a good friend.
  3. So you're alone? I guess that's rather boring ... I'm not going anywhere either though, but that's just because I'm not feeling all that well. Anyway, it's getting better I guess.
    And who's Chi Quansan? A friend of you's? Your cat? No, I think your cat was called midnight or something.
    Judging from your avatar, you seem to have turned into a fairly nice lady, by the way.
  4. eh its ok n all but im bored staying inside all day long everyday.i not allowed to go outside when no one is home and no one i know is living here.chi quansan plays with me here alot but right now she is some where else.what about you?
  5. Not much ... I just came back from holidays, so I'm relaxing right now. I guess you're enjoying your holidays as well?
  6. yo whats up???
  7. yo !
  8. What do I descry there at the horizon?
    It's wolf cubs! Woooooooo~
  9. Ah, right! Why would you like wolfs? I thought you were into cats!
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