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  1. Oh wow, I haven't been on in a long time since no one ever came on anymore! I'm doing pretty well actually, gotten better at drawing and what not, but jeez it's been ages! How are you?
  2. holy crap I remember talking to you all the time, do you still get on this thing? crazyness, if you see this message then how have you been?
  3. It is! I have so much energy! I can't wait!
    Yeah, it has been awhile...And that's good! I get on from time to time so maybe we can think up an RP with Anon ?
  4. haha thats cool. long time no see. I think i might start getting back on this
  5. It's official! I'm going to be in Cali from like the 3rd of august to the 17th or something!
  6. lol....My mom got a new boyfriend.....and My cat is getting fat....What about you?
  7. thanks and we sound WAY better live. so whats new?
  8. thats good.It's all right I havn't been on all that much either.I listened to the songs.They are really good. I like them alot
  9. yeah we are doing good. sorry for not responding sooner Iv been busy. but you can check us out if you want Listen For The Silence (Haiti Show 20th!) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  10. coolness!...It's awesome!I'm coming to Cali this summer!......maybe......has you band made any songs?
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