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  1. thats what friends are for though isnt .
  2. my friend because she was being stupid and annoying.
  3. who and how come ?
  4. good.until the bus,then i was about ready to beat the crap outta someone
  5. pretty good so far.hbu ?
  6. cool i was just messing around though,how was your day?
  7. haha ok. umm i like his music so thats why i went. i like rock but its any style of rock so its kinda of a wide variety of artists i like
  8. hehe....thats funny,but when i think about it why a michial musso concert? oh and your character caught me in a bad mood so um,..... never mind *shakes head*
  9. ummm idk. like after me and my friend sat down some girls behind us thought i looked like mitchel, so i kinda talked to them. then after the first band performed some girls asked if i wanted to hang with them so i did and just kinda talked about random things. it was pretty cool.
  10. ...*snickers * *mumbles something under breath* so did you get any pics?and what about the cute girls? did you get to keep one? nah just kidding ,but tell anyway! i wanna read a story.
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