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  1. well i really want a mustang but their gas guzzlers and they gotta lotta power. so jeep for now. I just got back from a mitchel musso concert. it was sooooo cool!!! i got to kinda meet him and i wasnt supoposed to and some girls flirted with me and that never happens. and he threw me a cd from stage. so awesome!
  2. nice what kinda car do you want???
  3. Im old enough to drive but dont have the money. and i have a little brother and sister
  4. not old enough to drive.i have an older sister,two younger brothers. what about you?
  5. ok. later .
  6. got to go!
  7. thats cool. how old are you and how many sibs do you have ?
  8. cool! my older sisters' birthday is in march!
  9. haha nice. oh and by the way thats not my real birthday. its in march
  10. sounds fun.haha wow, its funny the thought of me teach a sixteen year old to cook.ive help teach my older sis,on how i make things more flavourful, im kinda like a nanny,when someones sick i fill in
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