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  1. mmmm that sounds good.....the bagel bit the school,haha. not much over here just playing with my new band and trying to survive
  2. yeah......I've been eating beagles with strawberry cream cheese and trying not to fail some of my classes...what about you?
  3. haha thats cool. what have you been up too lately ?
  4. It's all big deal I go on gaia to rpg.....and talk to people I know..........i don't know what else to type......
  5. yeah i dont have time to do rpgs anymore. sorry .
  6. yeah.I don't come on as much either beacause no one is ever online.And no one ever posts in the rpg forums and stuff
  7. yeah that does kinda suck but whatever. man i havent been able to get on this for so long iv been hecka busy
  8. awesome.only two more days till the end of january....treasure them....because the idiotic febuary is coming......febuary is most of the time
  9. yeah. hey guess what..... Im in a new band and they are sick
  10. oh.sorry to hear that.but im sure your band will do better.
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