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  1. sounds good .
  2. how bout a draw???
  3. ok no prob we'll just exchange punches and crap. but none of us will die and i was thinking we would call it a draw or i culd have my friend interupt us
  4. ummmm,can we do this not at the same time.see im starting school tomarrow and ill be getting home an hour later than last if it wasn't for school id be all for it.ill probably be on more once i get my schedule worked out.i have alot of things to work out but ill be on as much as possible!hmm ive never heared of that town before
  5. i live in a small town called morada in cali. its near like lodi stockton area. its pretty cool but gets boring some times. and shur we can fight. what time do u wanna do this so we can be on at the same time
  6. i wanna fight you in the rpg please!!!!!! its gonna be fun!!! please!!!
  7. clearwater.... i love it its close to the beach.and now im in an awsome upstairs apartment!!! what abot you???
  8. yeah i went to miami once. its not so much the heat but the humidity that'll kill where in florida do you live?
  9. its good but the its warm all year round saying is far from right
    ! haha
  10. my moms from how do you like it ?
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