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  1. Florida,i live in florida, i was born in california then moved to florida.
  2. nice. i love it when stuff like that happens. ugh im so freakin bored. im stuck in oregon right now and theres nothing to do. thankfully i brought my guitar or id be going outa my mind. so where do you live?
  3. thats time my friend and i were at our 6th grade orientation and we were bumbing each other while walking down the hall with the group and told it wpold be funny if one of us fell down and so at one point i wasn't paying attention and she poked me and i was soo suprised i fell over it was halarious!!!
  4. haha i love it! i love ppl when their random. one time me and my friend were in a car saying random stuff. then i sed its not random its just a truck full of cardboard. and just as i sedthat a truck went by us and had tons of cardboard boxes in the back. we were laughing our heads off
  5. why whatever do you mean??? HELP IM BEING CHASED BY GIANT CUPCAKES SAY "WHY?!WHY?! DID YOU EAT US?!!!!!!!" MEOW!!!!
  6. lol. y do u say that? u like hella random or sumthin
  7. i have to wait a week or two to be able to go to school...with is kinda scary... well being the person i an=m im probably going to be one of the scary my friend....ha...
  8. pretty good. i gotta go to oregon tomorro for a week which kinda sucks cause i wont b able to get online, how bout u?
  9. eh its alright, how have you been???
  10. yeah that does suck. sry for that headach .
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