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  1. aww,i thought some one might of read it cause i want to know if its any good i havn't read yet.... oh well,i would have replied sooner but my mom kicked me off to talk to her boyfriend.people and there love lifes are completely uninteresting, *sigh* and i don't like him even though he is nice
  2. nope nvr herd of it .
  3. cools have you ever read the manga DOGS bullets and carnage?
  4. im really into music and guitar. other than that just random stuff
  5. lots and lots of stuff.from lines _______________ to color crayons and more what about you?
  6. yeah. so what r u into ?
  7. too!
  8. aww man that looks soooo good. man now i want
  9. unfortunatly, no i didn't but i can make tasty cake, last one i made had strawberries and cool whip...speaking of cake makes me hungry... *drools*i didnt make it but the colors are the same
  10. np. so whats up? by the way that cheese cake looked sooooooo!!!! good did you make it?
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