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  1. no my band broke up about two weeks ago. so im just trying to make some new stuff then start my own band
  2. btw has your band made any new songs?
  3. sorry...i was a bit hyper...but yeah akito and agito are the best of them....they actually got voted first place among the characters....but no matter matter hom much i read i can never find out if akito is gay or not my mom keeps asking me....
  4. umm lemme think i havent watched that for awhile. prolly agito
  5. dude,i just watched like 12 episodes of air gear and it is so friggin awesome!who is your favorite character???
  6. thank you merry christmas to you too .
  7. yo! merry early Christmas !not gonna be here tomorrow.
  8. sweetness.congrats .
  9. my concert was awsome!!!! my orchestra didn't getr to play much
  10. haha no prob we all get random .
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