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  1. Ren-chan! I miss you! Hope life is going good! :3
    little sister Tokii :3
  2. Hi Ren nee-chan! How are you? I haven't said hello in a lond time and wanted to see how you were!
  3. yo!merry Christmas renn-one chan!!!
  4. ok, but i have to is making me get off. talk to you later
  5. Good.

    G post in Inuyasha RP. Also keep in mind what I said in that post okay. Little sis really needs to pay attention okay or you'll make things hard for others.
  6. onee-chan how are you?
  7. yup school i s going well
  8. That's great!!! So how is school is going and everything? Getting good grades and not getting into trouble.
  9. thats good,im doing good aswell
  10. I'm fine. How are you my dear little sister??? XD
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