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  1. *looks at Lapislazuli post*
    Hogwash!!! Nobody can suck at RPing!!! They can only improve!!!!

    Anyway, I'm good. I'm doing this and that and I don't have much time as I would like.
  2. im good.what about you?
  3. Little Sis!!!! How are you?? XD
  4. onee-chan!
  5. onee-chan!!!! how was your day????
  6. okie doie onee-chan!!! have a good day at school!!!!
  7. Well listen to your mom!!! I have to go to bed anyway. You and I both have school. I'll see you tomorrow!!! XD Night liltte sis

    PS. I'll ask grim tomorrow if he's going to ask CBH if he's going to start the Inuyasha RP
  8. sweet!!!onee- chan we need grim to put up the inuyasha rpg so we gots to bug him till he gets chief!i wanna start the inuyasha rpg!have you seen the infamous rpg???its awesome!!!!or im crazy!!!most likely both!renny as much as i want to stay on mom says i have to get ready to go to sleep,ill be on as much as i can! bye bye!!!
  9. Awww!!! My little sis is starting middle school!!! XD

    Well I'm lazy so some of y teachers think I'm stupid. But I'm not. Just lazy. XD I'm about adverage, except in reading and writing. I'm advanced.
  10. renny!!!! onee-chan tomarrow i start middle school! although im scared all my acedemic classes are advanced! what about you what ere you in when you went to middle????
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