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  1. Hello! i'm okayy i guess... what about you?? what have you been up to?
  2. hello. how are you?
  3. no,i just dont like how my sisters gone and i have no one to play with or talk to.but as long as theres books to read im to occupied to sulk or find something simple you enjoy and good to go.
  4. its nothin. & that must suk not havin a real talk with ur mom
  5. yup!i mean seriously!everyone does even if it dosnt seem like it we all i have an issue with my moms boyfriend he always next to her so no alone time with me and mom,just me by myself. and you?
  6. same. some things are just going so wrong. do you have any problems.
  7. not much. what about you???
  8. eh, it could be worse. so what is up with you? :]]
  9. we have talked before! im good and you?
  10. Hi. I don't think we have ever talked. How are you?
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