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  1. Ah... know how it is to get bored with things easy. I like stories so anime and manga keep my interest easily... though people I hang out with at school get less interesting everyday... you know?

    I don't think it's very fair that you get reported... I haven't seen you post anything bad. But if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll log on every other day and whatnot...
  2. That's good. I finished D. Gray-man last month... It was a good series! You should get on more...though there is really only a munch of newbies, vets, and mods on...
  3. hey there, i think im getting back into AO and it says i need 50 charcters even though ihave nothing else to say so i wrote out this long and pointless sentence. i hope you enjoyed it
  4. im good and how are you? ive been watching tons of anime!!!im hungry.....still
  5. ok.
  6. ok i lied i never check my face book
  7. i have a face book! i dont go on much but i check it at least once a week
  8. cool!!! i love mynew school its frekin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. tomarrow school starts !!!!!im scared!!!spykler!!!save me!!!! *hides behind spykler*
  10. see
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