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  1. You ever gonna join my RPG The Demon lands. U haven't even moved your character and I need to know cause I don;t know if u still gonna be on the list or not.
  2. You put ur character for As the world burns RPG in the wrong character thread.
  3. gotto go!
  4. not MUCH MI AMIGO! HOW ABOUT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hello!whats up?
  6. Night night Tokini
  7. im tired and ill be on tommarow i wish i could stay up with ya so you wouldnt be by yourself but my big sis says i gotta go to bed so any way night!
  8. It is 12:23 here
    Lol, so 2 hour dif. Just so ya know, ive been waiting since 10:00
  9. in california so its like 10:21 here
  10. Ya, one of my friends wanted to talk to me, but she logged off so now I gotta wait. I promised Id wait, so I am
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