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  1. lolz ok I need to get on more...lolz :P.............................
  2. dont wory about the emo ting neco already anserd it for me
  3. T.T Took awhile for me to reply now eh? lol
    Anyways xP Emo is pretty much a state of mind lol It's kinda hard to explain in a summary :P And I'll try to lol
  4. ok then emo just kep me out of your conver sations whit neko and also what the **** does emo even mean i never figured it out
  5. Bwhahah! Just ****s and giggles... What you mean? :P I'm just a weird, messed up, creepy emo :P Don't know about Neko though. :P
  6. ok what the hell is up betwean you and neko and also keep me out of it also hew the hells are you kaling a stalker
  7. Well, the only thing that has happen to me that was cool and good was meting you, joining this website, and meeting Neko... :P A lot of other things are just crap and just plan ****y... Oh well. lol.
  8. yeah you are and so am i the only cool thing that has hapend to me lately is purchasng the house of the dead overkill game fo the wii
  9. No...It wasn't that.. heh... I didn't understand what you
    Oh, crap. Sorry, I meant to say "Has anything coll happen to you? Me no?" lol.
    Eh, anyways, not really new with me. I'm still alive An't I?. lol :P
  10. dont get tecknical whit me just wondering howe you are and wondering if aney ting new hapen to you
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