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  1. a friend told me a bout some online websites the best and cheap web site whas "" thats were i ordered my cadrs
  2. wow thats a drag to hear bro.... so where do you go for your cards? i kno in lc but like what store do you go to buy them?
  3. noting just went to cruses and im still trying to buy some cards of the internet
  4. yoooo just thought id drop in and say hi and see how things were going with you? so did you do anything this weekend?
  5. me nothing really i was playing a game called persona 3 FES but i stop dont know why tho other then that nothing... well i got to go i need to finish here and get back to work catch you later bro and take care...
  6. ive mostley bin playing pokemon soul silver, collecium and my new wii game "Rygar: the battle of argus" and what have you bin up to
  7. thats kool at least ur doing something... yea im planning on moving too some time during or after the summer... so what games have you been playing if you dont mind me asking?
  8. I just spend most of my time playing video games and looking for a job i dout that i will go aney time soon ill most likeley move before i ever go were to i dont know
  9. well thats a drag to hear... so what have you been doing all this time then? and beside that are you planning on going now if things are all settled with what ever it was that ruined it? sorry for all the questions you dont have to tell me anything if you dont feel like it... an sorry on the late reply ive been lost in my head these last few days... well i got some other messages i got to get to... take care bro laterz....
  10. i never went i had some trouble at the staart of the semester so i had to go and cansole evareting
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