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  1. yes....hmmm i need certain things before i can progress any further... but thats not to bad at least it gives me some time to think better.... well anyways its good to hear from u its been to long... so hows college going? if you dont mind me asking?....
  2. hey man ive bin good and how is life treating you still trying to rule the world
  3. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ..... long time no see george.... what have you been up too? well ever get the time hit me up if you want... well gtg laterz george take care....
  4. dude never mind that who cares i will do what i say and it doesnt matter if you believe me or not. well bro how have you been and what you are you up to?
  5. youre not gona take over a ting also howe did you hurt your back to much bam chika wa wa hahahahahahaha
  6. o dont worry i have no intention in getting shot or dieing i may go MIA but only to take over this world
  7. have fun in the millatery and dont get shot hahahahahahah its boring some times to be at home all day but most of the time its nice hahahahahaha
  8. yo bro im good just have a back pain. and im getting ready to go to the military. but other then that im working. it must be nice to be lazy bro ha ha hh ah hah
  9. i have just bin being layze and just bin way ting for the spring semester of collage to start and you
  10. yo bro long time no see so how goes it what have you been up. well hit me up a any time laters bro peace
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