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  1. hahahahaha i dont have that meany or should i say i dont remember any
  2. A Bunch! XD I have like a lot a lot!!! HAHA That inclouds me-past bfs-friends and so on lol.
  3. do you have any funny stories .....................................
  4. Oh really cool sounds good its good to be open the tell funny stories about each other and get into personal stuff ^^
  5. yea i told her alredy and i told her a more personal story too if you want to know ask her its ok whit me
  6. HAHA XD YEP! did you tell Sabrina? she would get a kick out of that lol.
  7. hahahahaha but its funny now hahahahaha good thing i was wearing my sweater so i just took that and poop gone
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA that's awful but funny XD Wow..... lmao
  9. a bird pooped on me because i was day dreaming about sabrina
  10. Oh really? waz so funny?????????????????????????????
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