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  1. im good im asuming the craators screwed someting up in the creation of the game because fire was the easy mode and grass was hard and water was more strategy but every one that picd fire they told me the game was hard for me it was easy whooooooooooooooo!!! go serperior hahahahahaahahahaha so how you bin
  2. i have white started wit Tepig. it sucks but hey what ever works. so how have you been?
  3. ive just bin besey whit work im a substitute teacher now and cool what version and hew is your starter i got black version and chose snivy
  4. hey i dont know when you are on anymore but i am back i got the new pokemon black and white. AWSOME!!!!!! Love the graphics
  5. ok then i know that game then and i pre orderd my game over a year ago and if you do get it let me knom i can help you out im already half way done whit the game hahahaha
  6. No its Pokemon rangers shadow of almia. and no i dont have the money for pokemon black or white. i wish i did though.
  7. i never herd of that game is that a online game??? and did you get one of the new versions that came out yesturday i got black
  8. i love pokemon. i think that pokemon is awsome i am playing pokemon shadows of almia right now
  9. its ok i under stand so how you bin im good looking forward to march 6th sinse pokemon black comes out go ahead make fun i dont care i like those games
  10. Hey how are you srry I haven't been on lately been very busy
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