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  1. im good just hoping that my girl friend loges back in and have a good Christmas gaaralover123
  2. hey how are you doing. What is up. I hope that you have a good Christmas
  3. ok then and ile see what i can do about youre problem ok later
  4. Yes i do still love him. he is my first. and yes i have tried that but he just pushed me aside. well i have to go. class is over.
  5. have you tried talking to him face to face and do you even still like him
  6. Ha you are really funny. and yes i have tried talking to him. but he always hangs up when i try telling him i am sorry. i am crying right now. i feel sooo lonly. i dont know what to do. why does this always happen to me.
  7. wow that sucks have you even tied to talk to him and i dont care what religion you are you can even be a nudist it still wount bug me hahahahahahahahaha
  8. Hey how are you doing. last week i found out that i am an Athiest. So what have you been up to lately. i am sad because i tried brakeing up with my BF and i made him really sad. What should i do? HELP ME.
  9. hahahahahahahaha that sounds like fun playing in the snow the closes thing to snow i get is mud wene we water are peacan trees
  10. A fat chick landed on my arm. Dont worrry i am not mean that fat chick is my friend. i am helping her lose some weight but yet still having fun with it. i went off the ramp with her on a sled behind me and when we jumped of she flew and landed on my arm in a bad way. but it was funny. my face was inmprinted in the snow. =3.
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