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  1. hahahahaha that sucks and hope you get beter in time for youre solo and let me know how it goes
  2. well the school gave me food posioning. so i was sick the whole weekend. plus since i was sick all weekend my voice is screwed up an i have to sing tonight. damnit. i hate school. i have solo and ensamble tonight for our school.DAMNIT. i hate school.
  3. im good and why dont you feal so good..............................................
  4. hey how are you today. i am ok but not that well. i hate school.
  5. what hapend to get you so mad now i dont have a email im using a friends so i can log on to ao he ose the one that got me interested in ao
  6. hey are you online i wanted to talk to you. i am sooo mad right now.
  7. sorry for making you wait my favorit anime is FLCL and its haruco (i tink thats how you spell it) ok later and i dont have a gmail
  8. well i have to go leave me a privit message. and i will message you at my lunch break. i go to lunch at 10:43 ok message you then.
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