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  1. sorry to say but i was just kidding but tell me about your story what are you missing, but it almost happen this spring.
  2. im very sorry about that i didnt knowe and in a whay you are sorta lucky compered to me
  3. i took pulling your legs offensive cause i only have one, it was cut off due to a dirt bike running over it. so i would like i if u dont say that again.
  4. just pulling your legs about the play boys i dont actualey read thoese and i dont even have aney of them so yeah
  5. lol. dang dude like where you stay in the middle of nowhere it seem. and you sound like my brother when it comes to the play boy book. i gotta admit there kida Hot.. lol. j/k. but hey its your life if u like it i love it.hehe
  6. my friend live like an hour driving distans so we dont hang out much and the closses town is 30min away and plus i dont have a car and books dont interest me that much and also i sorta dont have aney books unles you count play boys hahahahahaha
  7. well you seem like a pretty boring guy.if theres nothing to do the get your friends and do something. make something up or you could read a book. [lol]
  8. i just spend my time hoping someting will hapen here sisnse teres noting to do here
  9. driving motorcylce to beach and drive back and then go to the movies and i might stay at a friends house or just come in the house really late. what about u anything.
  10. so what are you up to nowe that its the weekend ................................
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