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  1. at least you got andrew, rene, boby to hange around whit i have only amanda but most of the time she isent even here
  2. i know that but i cant never get on no more....sad...i suk
  3. weal that suks for you come to ao more often (stupid 50 charecter ting)
  4. ahhaha that sux and im just sad as **** because im here at my house always ****en alone and want to talk to people!
  5. hey so what have you bin up to me ive just bin looking up sword kanes because one i have a bad knee and two they look cool
  6. ow she says that but tell quiet ok... and steady back!
    im sad
  7. my sister says
    steady steady steady steady steady steady steady
  8. ok later
    ,<<><>><><<><><>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. ok then i tought you got them in the tppc speaking of witch in going to play ther in sted of being here on ao so later
  10. i got it from the celeby website i got a dark and a crystal lugia!!
    u know the place the promo and daily prize!
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