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  1. were did you get the lugias from.............................................. .
  2. ummmmmmm well ive been in there
    but i cant level up but in the other one but i got a 2 lugia!!
  3. so whats up with your tppc acount im try ing to level up a nedoranM
  4. hahaha
    tell her its kool!!!!
    and lololololooloooololloloololoolooo
  5. o weal f-it so hawe have you bin and also ive bin try ing to get amanda to join ao but she refusis oweal F-her to then (hahahaha just joking)
  6. dododoodododo
    i cant kind them i tryed man i tryed!!!!
  7. have you visited the tppc i cant find a freaken ralts or gible do you knowe were to find one of those theres none for sale
  8. okokokokokokoklok
  9. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kep it on the dowen lowe hahahahahahahahaha
  10. well maybe but not like you!!!1
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