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  1. i found im sleepy im gowig to git off see u l8er
  2. hry did you find the avetar ting or did you not even look
  3. it shoulde be in the sci-fy section if i remember corectly
  4. wait i dont see your avitar thin in the edit avitar thing were did u git it and or how?
  5. ok then have fun try ing to get 250 im just gona let tings come naturaly
  6. ok will do and yes i have i have130 post lol i have more then u lol just want to git to 250 to be a com.member so i can have my own avitar
  7. papermon = pokemon made of paper checkit out in the clan Pokemon all shows! and apernt ley you have bin bisey working on your ao rank
  8. papermon? huh? iv bin working on my rank in ao and posting
  9. hey what new man did you make your owen papermon yet
  10. nm was working on my manga when i started gowing thruw my old drawings looking for ideas and came akros my old mangs the valkery lol never finished it lol only have 8 pages dun lol think i might wook on that one also lol
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