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  1. the rank sistem is up go check it out in the clan .........................................
  2. ok let me get a pic of my self and then i will upload it and show you what alaskans do for fun. hope you dont mind guns because most of my pics are me with guns
  3. ill help you get a pick of your self furst get a reason pic of your self now go underneath your frinds in your profile there should be a make album buton there make the album and put some pics in there (you can figure it out right tere) nowe go to trojan army group then go to add picture nowe go to your pics (on youre ao acount) nowe get the url thats under your pick and post it in the ting that came out wen you opend the add pic in the the trojan army

    ps if ths confusis you then im sorry and ill try to help you beter next time later then
  4. sorry about the last mesage about the new clan i changed the name it is nowe caled the Trojan army join me and togeter we will rule ao hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  5. no new names for clans have comen up i have a name but i dout it will last long and the new name is U.F.69 (united figters you can geta prity good idea whats the 69 for hahahahah later)

    ps pass on to old members if you can re member any
  6. how about "whos your daddy" or something like that or it could be just as simple as "19+"
  7. some what but we will try to keep the porn to a minimal
  8. well is the new group going to be the same as the last one or is it going to be a new one
  9. 18+ whas cansoled whant to help pick a new name for the new group any jugjestions will help (I got to lern how to spell beter)
  10. hey trojen man what hapend why did you guys kick me off of 18+ what is up with that
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