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Me holding a perfect replica of Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro's Zanpakuto

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Nov 11, 2008, 04:22 AM
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  1. Pyro Psycho
    Wowee......this picture is ass kicking and shmexy! Meeeow!
  2. sasuke676
    nice blade i want one of those :'( WHERE CAN U GET ONE
  3. Zev
    I can't tell if it's plastic or metal?
    Hopefully it's plastic so you don't accidentally hurt yourself with it. ^_^
  4. Trunks
    It's carbon-steel, hand crafted Musashi. Razor sharp edge. You can get em at swordswords.com
  5. Artistic Anarchy
    Trunks, are you going to do something to make this site less intolerable?
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