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  1. im doing good!
  2. nuthin,hows everything with you.its been pretty boring
  3. yellow! how are you???
  4. ok.first go to statistics on your profile in the first box under last post youll see two things one says posts made by tsukuyomigod click on that and it has all of your posts there
  5. yo , tokini ive los my way. in other words i dont know where to go to find my posts. pls send back.
  6. u finally tell m ive been wondering where u tryed to run or if u gave up running, i will admit that was pretty clever, i guess i didnt listen well
  7. no its at school so if i tried running i would have met her later! hahaaha!
  8. u meen u actcully ran out the house or u hid inthe house to avoid seeing the naruto episodes. ha ( but im not laughing at u though)
  9. no, i didnt i dont watch naruto as much any more. my friend was so obsessed that i would try running every time she brought it up but im ok with it now!
  10. yo tokini, u seen the latest new episode of naruto shippuden
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