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  1. Ah I understand, so how is colledge life going for you?
  2. Everyones life has ups and downs. Im at college so I really cant do much like conventions and things like that
  3. Ah yes, we both do, my life currently sucks eggs xD It has it's ups and downs at the moment. I am going to an anime convention next weekend dressed like Integra Hellsing xD
  4. It has been a while old friend. We have a lot of talking to do. I mean I have missed a lot so I do need some catching up to do.
  5. hehe Ah I see. Yeah I suppose I gotta agree with you
  6. I doubt Im really ever going to come back here. But I will pop in once ever so often. Like once a year HAHAHA!!! I dont think I ever explained to you why I left did I? Well I honestly couldnt stand the Admins here and the site was always updatd like crazy. It drived me nuts.
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