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  1. ok good^^ me to ia m goin to sleep it was nice talkin to you bye sweet dreams and happy new year:hug:
  2. Just keep Rping in the RPG I made cept everyone went to bed, and I am about to in about half an hour.
  3. Lol yeah well is 12:21am so i already did my things XD how about you sweety you have any plans? ^_^
  4. Nice lol. you still young . So what have you been up to tonight?
  5. Lol ok and yeah it should^^.......................................... .......
  6. I would like your age . Since you know mine, i think it would only be fair.
  7. lol no i wont rape nobody XD hmm i could tell you my age in Pm if you want sweety ^_^
  8. Lol. I was gonna say, oldie trying to rape me. Lol. so how old are you
  9. lol i am good and lmao XD no i am not 100 i just didnt want to put my age
  10. Im good. how are you. And are you really 100 years old?
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