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  1. well hey it's not that big of a gap. i turn 18 in january. it's really only a one year difference.
  2. im 18. Im turning 19 this year in september. Just let me look for my Picture.
  3. k. and for the record, how old are you now? cause im seventeen. fixing to be eighteen.
  4. ok hold on. I will send you one of when i was like 14. But dont laugh ok.
  5. well you sound like an amazing person. but are you sure your not pretty? show me a pic and i'll be the judge of that. because you cant underestimate your self. you can't say you don't look good when you really do. be confident in the way you look. i won't like you any less.
  6. Well im not pretty. I can be honist about that. And you do sound like a person who i can kick back with. i love taking risks. I am a daredevil. Lol I tend to jump trees. (literally) SOmetimes i fish. but not all the time. I need to be moving around. lolBut i love riding my bike.
  7. wow, i'll be perfectly honest, but what you said sounded everything like me. see, what i like in a girl is a lot of the stuff you said. someone who's honest, caring, loving, someone who can be a risk taker and try something new whether or not they're a little afraid. i judge by personality. don't get me wrong, i pretty girls catch my interest, but if they dont have that personality it's like, she looks good, but she's not fun to be around you know. someone who's down to earth and who doesn't care what ppl think about them as long as she feels good about herself.
  8. Someone who cares. Isnt just in it for the s e x. Im looking for someone who is honest funny and even if they arent funny they can lift my spirits. I dont think looks count. i like someone for their personality. I know i have been told never to say that but i am upfront about it. Someone who is kind and careing and dosnt want to hurt me is the one i care about. What about you what do you for in a girl?
  9. to be honest i don't think any anime hero or villan can match gokus power. but anyway, what do you like in a man, like what are the qualities you are looking for.
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