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  1. Yeah go ahead. Be my guest. I like you to. I love Dragon Ball z It has to be like the best.
  2. wow. how convenient. i hope i don't offend you but i tend to be very honest with ppl. you know so i don't care if they think im wierd or anything, but i like you and i'd like to know more about you. may i?
  3. Yeah same with me i feel lonly most of the time im not dating anyone and it gets very lonly and you like alot of the things i like.
  4. i love dragon ball z and gt and, well just everything about dragon ball. football, video games. typical guy stuff. however, i detest being lonely.
  5. Well My name is Amanda. Its nice to meet u Murphy. I love Rping and I am kindof considered an Anime Freak because i love it. What about you Love?
  6. hey how's it going. my name is murphy. you know it's real nice to make new freinds. tell me a little about yourself.
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