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  1. don't worry. i'm sure you'll find one soon. of course, everyone here is extremely nice. hmm . . . when i watched db:gt i saw goku as a 4th super saiyan. but i liked him sooo much better when was a 2nd super saiyan. what about you? happy bengali new year by the way
  2. well im a little younger then you are sadly, i turn eighteen in January and i love dragonball z as much as you. i haven't seen all 13 of the movies but i've seen a good deal of them. my favorite so far is Fusion Reborn. Or Bojack Unbound, i can't decide. but i love football, DENVER BRONCOS ALL THE WAY, and just other typical guy stuff. but im a very nice person and unfortunately, im having no luck what so ever at finding a girl.
  3. i like inuyasha. i used to watch dragon ball z too but they won't show the part when goku turned into super saiyan three ;(! so i moved on to the movies. i watched all 13 of them !um . . . what do i tell you exactly? if you narrow it down, i'm 19, have my exams, and i work part-time as a teacher, so i can earn a bit of money every now and then. and in my spare time i watch anime or read manga. also my real name is odhora or okhera. :0-3. so that is enough about me what about you ?
  4. im not trying to sound, stalkish or anything, but tell me about yourself.
  5. i do it's my favorite. but i do like other anime as well. what about you?
  6. hello! how are you?
    i see you like dragon ball a lot.
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