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  1. Cool, your artwork is awesome. Reminds me H.R Giger's line work and a touch of anime mecha, actually.
  2. Not really, but I can, its rather easy, it just requires patients.
    Thats really cool, I wish you luck with that. Oh, you can see some of my art in my albums.
  3. Cool, so do you always do comic style art? I love that kind, I'm actually considering doing some artwork for the magazine Heavy Metal if they accept me.
  4. Drawing more of my bio-mechanical art work and I am about to help my brother make a cover for his comic that he is doing.
    Also I have just been really busy at work.
  5. Well, I've been doing just a lot of art work requests. And I'm also trying to help my friend who's a singer. That's about it. How about you?
  6. Yup... I doubt you had the swin flu, probably just the regular flu which still sucks, and yes, I hate how people are continueing on about the swine flu even though the regular flu kills more people.
    So what are you up to?
  7. That's unfortunate... well I hope the week gets better for ya. I think I might have just gotten over a case of Swine Flu. I hate how everyone's still freaking out about it.
  8. Could be better, last weekend was a real pain in the neck. I was sick all Saturday, this girl I was with dumped me, and today is Monday and a work day... Yeah, I have been better.
  9. Hi! How are you today?
  10. That sucks. I know how you feel, I've had to go to school and work. All work and no play makes you...well..lonely. lol. Just hope she isn't too bad. I bad could it be?
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